Ever since Tangled came out it has been my favorite movie in the whole world. 
(Yes it was the theme of our wedding cake and I walked down the aisle to "I See The Light" instrumental. 
AM I FIVE YEARS OLD? I feel fine about it.
I love Disney movies more than anything, but something about Tangled is very special to me. 

For those of you who have never seen Tangled [heaven forbid ;)], here is the gist of it: A drop of the sun once fell on the Earth and grew a magic golden flower. This flower had the ability to heal the sick and injured. Mother Gothel found this flower and kept it hidden. When she would sing to the flower, she would  rejuvenate. Centuries later, the beloved Queen was pregnant with Rapunzel and got very sick. Her only hope would be to find this flower. The kingdom searched and searched but Mother Gothel did not want to share the suns gift so she kept the flower hidden. However, the flower was found and given to the Queen and she was healed instantly. 
When Rapunzel was born she received the powers from the flower so Mother Gothel kidnaps her and raises her as her own, using her magic hair to stay young. 
Mother Gothel tells Rapunzel she is not allowed to leave the tower for her "own protection". 
Each year on Rapunzels birthday, the King and Queen release lanterns into the sky in hope that one day Rapunzel would return. Rapunzel's one wish was to go see these floating lights from the outside world, but Mother Gothel would not let her. 
Long story short, Flynn Rider finds her in her castle and she talks him into taking her to see the lights while Mother Gothel was gone. Rapunzel and Flynn have quite the adventure getting to the kingdom-- fighting off guards, getting roughed up by thugs, and (most importantly) falling in love. 
The King and Queen miss Rapunzel so much. You can really see the heartache they face. This scene makes me cry every time! 
After many more trials these two go through, Eugene takes Rapunzel home finally meet her parents.
Rapunzel and Eugene get married and they live

I think the reason I love this movie so much is because I see it differently. 
This is the story I see:

The King and Queen represent our Heavenly Father, or, even our parents-- all who love us SO much.
Sometimes we get lost in life. We wander away from our Heavenly Father or stray from our parents guidance. We explore things we only think will bring us happiness. The Adversary, or in this case Mother Gothel, can be very deceiving. If we allow him to control us, we are trapped and cannot be free. 
Heavenly Father does not give up on us and we are never a lost cause like we may think at times. Like the King and Queen send up lanterns each year, our Heavenly Father does the same. He give us small tender mercies each day, friends/family who reach out to us, and the Holy Ghost to touch our hearts to remind us how much He loves us.
If we seek Heavenly Father and follow His plan, we can return to him. And when we do, I imagine it to look a little bit like this: 
(ignore the kingdom celebration scene. or don't because it's great. it just has nothing to do with this and actually kinda ruins the moment lol)

I think we can learn a lot from movies if we look at them with a different point of view. 
What are some of your favorite movies that mean something special to you?