Each summer our whole family gets together and goes on a fun vacation. 
It's hard getting everyone together since a couple of my sisters and their families have moved across the country.  
So when we can, we have SO MUCH FUN. 
This past June we stayed in a beautiful beach house in Oceanside, CA. 

Jaren and I left a couple days early to spend some time in St. George with his family. 
Going to the pool is SO fun because Maya loves the water. 
She kicks, squeals, and holds her breath when we dunk her! 
My niece and nephew are so dang cute. 
They are the best of friends.
Okay, such a little cheeser!
Maya would GASP every time a wave broke on shore. 
Watching her play in the sand was so fun. I think she liked it as much as I did… hopefully… 
Those big eyes and lips are what I live for!
These sunsets?!
Yankees vs. Angels
no I was not ;) checkin ;) out ;) the ;) baseball ;) booties ;) 
Okay did anyone else know this was a thing?!

If you go to California and don't go to Disneyland then why did you go to California??
Cars Land is my favorite!
Maya's first ride! 
So we didn't know we were on the cart that swung… and not like fun little swings…
like big swings. The kinda swing that made everyone feel nauseous and actually kinda scared.... 
After the first swing Maya was so nervous hahah she's a CHAMP.
The stink eye is real!
So sassy… can she not?
She loves her uncle Ry 
I hope Maya learns loves this place as much as I do.
The week went by wayyy too fast. 
I sure am grateful for this Monson clan.
Even though Kellyn and Lauren live miles and miles away, we are all so close & that makes me happy. 
So thankful that families are eternal.